Seminars, workshops and speaking

To find out about the range of subjects available, if you require a workshop or speaking event please get in touch all requests can be considered and tailored to your specific problem, goal or need.

Regular seminars and events will be listed on the website and posted via Sharon’s facebook page.

Previous seminars listing.

  1. They are what you feed them – related to nutrition for children
  2. Behave yourselves parents – related to behaviour and NLP for children
  3. Playful parenting for dads – aimed at the way dad’s like to play and introducing new ideas
  4. Smart love alternative to shouting or smacking – about parenting styles, recognising behaviour and dealing with triggers – using NLP techniques
  5. Toddler trouble – specifically related to the toddler years covering all aspects of behaviour, care and play
  6. Anxiety and stress in the early years – covers coping skills, creating settings appropriately and training staff to deal with this specific issue