Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage is one of the most respected and tested guidance documents that the UK has ever issued.

Founded upon the essential principles of ‘every child matters’, the framework sets the stage for the entire UK early years industry and provides a critical structure for the implementation of the highest standards of early years care.

As this is a guidance document, it is fundamentally up to each provider or carer to put into place the structure of their teaching, curriculum, daily plans, activities and environments that meet the highly regarded criteria of the EYFS.

To achieve this, practitioners must stay current with the newest techniques, technologies and equipment, alongside having a critical foundation of knowledge in areas such as child psychology, child development, behaviour, learning difficulties, relationships and a whole host of other pedagogical practices.

With an ever increasing turnover of staff, the child care industry comes with it’s own challenges, not least of all, the ability to provide continuity of care and the highest standards on a daily basis whilst encountering challenging staffing and other issues within each setting.

Having a specialist EYFS consultant to guide, train, motivate, engage and assess the strength of your setting’s EYFS implementation is as fundamental to the children’s well being as it is to the ongoing marketability of the service providers business.

In addition to the benefit’s above, consultancy and training can offer an opportunity to capitalise and create USP’s for your business that you may not have already considered, and provide a structured practical way to stay up to date and current with market demands as well as meeting the high expectations of parents and the ever vigilant inspection authorities.

If you feel that a review of your EYFS could help your setting, or you have a specific goal in mind that you would like to implement then contact Sharon today for a no obligation assessment and consultancy/training offer.


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