International Investors into UK nursery business

If you are considering an investment in the UK early years sector, you are definitely investing in a great opportunity and an established and respected field of education worldwide.

The nursery sector in the UK has been growing, evolving and developing for many years. The rise in investors looking to enter the UK nursery business has meant the massive growth of a number of recognisable chains. This has created a shortage of business to purchase and so investors are looking not only to buy single unit nurseries, they are looking for opportunities to set up on their own from scratch.

Many of the people I work with, have an intent to ‘export’ the expertise they gain from the UK early years sector to their own home countries in order to invest in a dual country strategy of growth and expansion that will provide huge opportunities for a high yield return.

There are single or multiple unit day nurseries, who would consider either a partnership, or buy out option including with management staying in place, if you don’t have the expertise to run a facility but still want to invest.

The industry is changing all the time and to get ahead and have an edge, you need to be responsive to current demands and they are dictated by the current generation of parents.

Sharon Kamel consultancy has the ability to guide and support you throughout the process.

If you would like to have a chat about your requirements, please get in touch here in the first instance and Sharon will make arrangements to schedule a one to one meeting or phone call to assess where you need help and support.


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